Origin:  Salt Lake City, UT


Genres:  Rock, Stoner- Rock,  Stoner-Pop,

Retro, Art-Rock, Alternative, Grunge, Surf Rock 


Years Active:  2020- Present


Label:  Independent 


Website: www.umafuzz.com

Short BIO
Uma Fuzz is salt lake city sound with a soul; it's somewhere in-between slow burn rock and roll, retro-rock, and stoner-pop. The band is comprised of Lindsay Heath (drums), Sarah Little Drum (vocals), Dan Muir (bass, and Jordan Shonberg (guitar).
They had known each other for several years before bringing this project to life, and have had a variety of configurations and incarnations along the way, but during the quarantine of 2020, something new was born, Uma Fuzz. At the end of the day, Uma Fuzz is a project centered around the redemption of the human experience through friendship and music. The lyrics come from a rebellious attack against oppression of all forms. The songs seek to inspire action in others; to awaken the warrior within. Whatever the battle, it can be won with a little courage, a little spark of desire, and for Uma Fuzz that spark comes from the sound.
The Band has just released their first full length album, Question Show, recorded, edited, and mixed at Man vs Music and Mastered at The Bit Farm with Jamesn S. Anderson 
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Set List

Tech Rider


Hospitality Rider


Label: Independent


Management: n/a


Booking: book.umafuzz@gmail.com


PR: n/a

Publisher: Morbid Orchid (ASCAP)