salt lake city sound with a soul 

slow burn rock and roll --->  raw. powerful. unique.

Uma Fuzz delivers impactful melodies and earworm-y riffs that bring the listener through a soundscape of raw emotion without offending the ear or losing the listener along the way. Commanding attention, this band brings a fresh perspective to what it means to be psychedelic rock, or even metal. 


The lyrics come from the rebellious attack against oppression of all forms. The songs seek to inspire action in others; to awaken the warrior within. Whatever the battle, it can be won with a little courage, a little spark of desire, and for Uma Fuzz that spark comes from the sound. 

The band is extremely close and intimate with one another. They have known each other for several years before bringing this project to life.  They have had a variety of configurations and incarnations along the way, but through it all they shared the same ferocious  desire and need to create music...but not just any music …..their music...a rhythm that would heal them and a voice lyrics that would put words and melodies to tragedy….music that would transmute their experiences into something something beautiful….something eternal. 


At the end of the day Uma Fuzz is a project centered around the redemption of the human experience through friendship and music.


Uma Fuzz ( from left to right ) Sarah Little Drum, Dan Muir, Jordan Shonberg, Lindsay Heath